Bleachers: Strange Desire

So, this post is a little bit late to the party. about a year late actually. Bleachers’ debut album Strange Desire was released back on July 15, 2014. In case you didn’t already know, Bleachers is actually comprised of one person – Jack Antonoff, also member of the band, Fun.

But you would be doing yourself a disservice f you consider Bleachers a mere side project.

The sound of the album is refreshing. In a pop world of EDM base drops, falsetto notes, and r&b influence, this record echoes an 80’s John Hughes soundtrack while simultaneously giving us something shiny and new.

Antonoff is known for his production. He is no singer-songwriter. Yet, the songs on this album still contain the lyrical depth and maturity that other sonic-driven pop artists seem to lack.

Top Picks:

1. Like a River Runs – “I woke up thinking you were still here…” Antonoff croons wistfully the very first line of the song. It’s that killer, bittersweet, “I miss you” song that every record needs, but not every record has. And this one; It’s impeccable.

2. Rollarcoaster – It’s that Coney-Island-ice-cream-eating, ferris-wheel-riding, summer-night-dancing song.

3. Wild Heart – The production on this is just simply too cool to pass up. It features clips of a voice mail, a repeating riff of synth, and an exploding chorus.

4. I Wanna Get Better – Universal yet personal. The leading single from the album, and deservedly so.

Honorable mentions: “You’re Still a Mystery” & “Shadow”


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