Broods, the next Lorde.

There’s quite a bit of similarities between the two artists.

  1. They’re both from New Zealand
  2. They share a producer – Joel Little (responsible for “Royals”)
  3. They’re VERY similar vocally and sonically; Alternative/Pop sound filled with heavy beats.

Lorde made quite the name for herself with hit singles “Team” and “Royals,” but if there’s anyone that could fill her shoes, It’s Broods. (or Borns, but that’s another story)

Broods is comprised of a pair; a brother and sister. The sister seems to be the main vocal most of the time while the brother’s vocal presence varies. He seems to be completely absent in “Sober,” a minor backing vocal in the chorus of “Never Gonna Change,” and to a near duet in the chorus of “Evergreen.” Yet, when his voice is featured, it’s almost always used as a low, haunting, almost angry sound.

After listening to their album Evergreen a few times, I decided to share my thoughts on it:

1. Mother & Father- Very engaging from the first hit of the stomp-sounding beat and tambourine. Perfect for the start to an album. The chorus catchy as well, repeating the lines “I don’t want to wake up lonely. I don’t want to just be fine,” in an almost pleading anthem for help.

2. Everytime- This is probably the most angry song, filled with some of the best lyrics on the record.

“You’re leaving me waiting and acting like I’m so demanding.”

“Your eyes stay shut, and my screams fall faint.”

Having great lyrics is good, but the fact that the sound of this song matches the emotion makes it even better. You can practically see the artist scowling as you listen to the attitude in her voice. I can just imagine girls blasting this song after the end of the fight with their significant other. Correction, I can see people, in general, blasting this song because of the power in the song. It’s contagious.

3. Killing You – A much slower song contrasting with its predecessor painting the struggles of a long distance relationship with a high-pitched, wistful chorus, “It’s killing me and it’s killing you but I can make up for it on the weekend.”

4. Bridges – Not what I would have chosen for the first single due to it’s lack of instantly catchy hook and beat found in other songs, despite it’s sonic build via layering. It’s lyrics may be more poetic, but the average listener would probably have been more keen to listen to something else if they were only going to listen to one Broods song.

5. L.A.F. – This is the instant catchy beat I was talking about. Broods was smart to push this as a single with relatable lines like “I never want to be the one you forget.” This song definitely leans more pop for the album but still has plenty of electro-indie tendencies.

6. Never Gonna Change – Slow-building, but worth the wait. The first verse almost seems to have a pre-chorus at the end of it towards the end that makes the listener feel they have just woken into the scene of a catastrophe and the world is quiet except for the sparks of electric wires and buzzing of broken lights. This is fitting considering the content of the song describing a mess of a relationship.

“Had me feeling like you were the one. And it’s never gonna feel like it’s done.”

“And the stress comes to the surface but all the heroes are dead.”

“You’re next to me again but we’re still tugging on each other and tearing up the fraying loose ends.”

7. Sober – one of the slower, simpler tracks on the record, and one of the sadder describing post break-up thoughts.

8. Medicine – another slow song featuring a beat pulsing almost to the rhythm of a heart throughout and a haunting melody.

“When I’ve got nothing left to lose, I wonder what I’ll find”

9. Evergreen – Shaking off the chill of the last track, Evergreen begins once again with one of the most Lorde-esque sounding beats on the album. The chorus features a low, multi-layered chorus that contrasts with the words.

“Since we decided to be infinite
There’s no ending and there’s no fear”

10. Four Walls – Being a piano-based, sweet love song, filled with more traditional layered vocals, this is the most radio-friendly song on the record. With its still eccentric sounds and descriptions, it doesn’t stray too far from their sound, but rather expands it. A very wise choice for a single.

“And I’m trying hard to make you love me but I don’t wanna try too hard”

“Those three words now are the only thing that came to save me
Those three words now are home”

“Falling at the hand of a perfect man”

11. Superstar – Not quite as pop as Four Walls, the song still sounds like it could have been produced by Ryan Tedder from One Republic with the synth arrangement.

I’ve been dreaming of a future that looks like our past
And they’ll admire that we made it last

Although the band does have some eccentrics that may not appeal to a mass audience, they do carry the chops to build on the fan base that superstar Lorde pioneered within the pop realm.

Their music has lyrics that both have depth and can be instantly understood, and almost all are relationship based, something easily relatable.

Perhaps after a couple more years of being openers for other artists they can gain a greater following so that when their next album drops, their lead single could hit mainstream radio in the US.


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