Goals and Objectives

After our initial meeting, our team had felt pretty good about what was expected and what we needed to accomplish. The goals and objectives that we set out for ourselves are as follows:


  • The goal of this campaign is to establish a stronger connection between MISD and alumni that will encourage these alumni to donate money to the Midway ISD Education Foundation. One step in making this connection stronger is through an event that will recognize distinguished service award for retired employees that are nominated by alumni.



  • Motivate alumni to nominate retired staff members for the distinguished service award, and encourage their attendance to the reception recognizing these nominees.
  • Create increased alumni awareness of the Midway ISD Education Foundation that they can donate money and resources to.
  • Encourage a sense of responsibility for the alumni towards their alma mater.
  • Increase the number of nominations by at least 10 by March 1.
  • Promote a recognition banquet for the distinguished service award recipients during Midway’s homecoming weekend.
  • Increase annual donations to the Midway ISD Education Foundation by 10%.

Overall, we are excited to continue helping the Midway ISD Alumni and work towards making this event a reality.


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