Bieber: The Comeback Kid

After being dubbed the youngest artist in history with five No. 1 albums on the Billboard 200 chart, Justin Bieber suffered through a public backlash filled with unflattering tabloid headlines due to his immature and arrogant behavior.

His rebellious antics included everything from spitting on fans, getting caught with drugs, walking off stage, getting caught with a DUI, a smiling mug shot, peeing in public, mocking former President Bill Clinton and more. Over the course of these actions, Bieber went from teenage heartthrob to another teenage celebrity gone wild. But with his own dismissal of his fans, he left himself with very few that still belieb’d in him.

The road to Bieber’s upcoming album Purpose has been an apologetic one, including even a radio single appropriately titled, “Sorry.” It seemed that in every promotional interview he did, he was apologizing for his arrogant behavior.

Including apologies to fans, his family, former President Clinton and more. His apologies were believable, especially when paired with him allowing himself to be the butt of the joke on shows like SNL and the Comedy Central Roast.

No doubt, Bieber couldn’t do this on his own. Admittedly, manager Scooter Braun said that once Justin was ready to take his career back again, they worked together, along with their team, to come up with the perfect strategy.

For my next group project, myself and two other members will be working on analyzing the crisis communication strategies of Justin Bieber as he made a 180 on his public image.


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