The 1975

So after several days of constant chatter surrounding The 1975, I find myself placing them at the top of my playlists for many different settings, once again.

I discovered the band about a year ago, but didn’t immerse myself in their music until a roommate of mine reintroduced them to me in the Fall. Truth be told, I was only familiar with a couple of their singles: “Chocolate” and “Girls.”

While both decent, I see these songs as just the prologue to an immense novel, full of many different colorful stories and emotions. Similarly, if the only Ed Sheeran song you were familiar with was, “Sing,” you would be missing out on his tender love songs such as “Thinking Out Loud” or incredible story-telling in “The A Team.”

The 1975 truly is hard to pin-down genre-wise. Each song has its own identity while many of the lyrics represent the typical themes of an indie band – drugs and sex.

They may call themselves The 1975, but many of their tracks seem to be taken from a time capsule from the 1980’s. Even lead singer Healy himself has mentioned that Michael Jackson is one of his greatest influences.

Yet, they are more than that. They are an Indie-Pop band, and if you were only familiar with their more popular singles, you may forget that.

With their diverse (and many times borrowed) sound, I find myself putting them on playlists for many different occasions. Songs heavy on ambience are great for studying. These include the romantic, “Fallingforyou,” Bonnie and Clyde reminiscent “Robbers,” and lyric-absent “12.”For working-out, I like to listen to the crunchy, metal sounds of “The City” as well as, “Sex.”

Yet, the songs that I keep replaying in my car, at my desk, or on a run are not dictated by their sonic DNA. Like many others out there, I tend to gravitate towards the captivating lyrical content, regardless of if I relate to them or not.

With their next album set to come out early 2016, many, including myself, are speculating as to what is to come. With so many avenues to choose from though, it seems the 1975 will not fall into the dreaded “sophomore slump” but will push on and create the equivalent of a John Hughes, blockbuster sequel.

Personal favorites not mentioned above: “Settle Down,” “Pressure,” “Medicine,” “You” and “Heart Out.”


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