First Meetings

In my senior PR media programming class, we were split into groups of three or four and assigned a nonprofit organization to work with for the semester. The goal of the project is to essentially help the organization by creating a PR campaign that could potentially be implemented. Our group was assigned to work with Midway ISD Alumni Association, and after our first meeting with Suzi Pagel, our contact for the semester, I was feeling relatively well about the project.

The first thing we needed to figure out, was what we needed to accomplish for the organization. So, we began by talking to Suzi Pagel about the current state of the organization and how she feels about their progress. This gave us the information we needed to complete a SWOT analysis. We also talked to her about what she hoped for us to achieve for them this semester.

The main things that we saw were that the organization wants to continue to foster relations within the alumni association. Through this, we decided it would be a good idea to implement an event over the Midway Homecoming weekend to honor distinguished alumni. This would help them reach their goals by creating a reason for the alumni to get together. We ended up trying to flesh out some of the details of what this event would require, logistically.

Overall, I felt pretty good about the meeting. It was productive, and we seemed to all be on the same page and were able to get a lot accomplished. I look forward to working with Suzi and Midway ISD for the remainder of the semester.


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